Calling the Bomb Squad…

Recently I joined the “We had to call the Bomb Squad Club”, a small group of estate sale professionals that I had really hoped I would never be part of.  We were hard at work at an estate cleanout, going thru a house full of 65+ years of accumulation.  Believe me when I tell you that this guy NEVER threw anything away, and at the bottom of a box there it was – a silver canister with wires sticking out of the top.  I had no idea what it was, but one of my crew recognized it right away as a military signal flare.  [Signal flares burn at 3000 Kelvin when ignited].  There were also two other empty silver canisters (and I don’t want to even think about where those were set off).

The next phone call was the police department…“Hello, I’m in the process of cleaning out a house and we just found a military signal flare”.  (Let me tell you, that certainly gets the dispatcher’s attention).  The officer who responded took one look at it and called for a sergeant, who in turn called the Bomb Squad, who in turned called the liaison officer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

In the meantime I got to answer a lot of questions, which went like this…

Bomb Squad:  “Where did you find it?”

Me:  “At the bottom of a box in one of the bedrooms on the second floor.”

Bomb Squad:  “How was it stored?  Was it in a wooden box?”

Me:  “No, it was just in the bottom of a cardboard box under a lot of wire and miscellaneous electronic parts.”

Bomb Squad:  “Were there any others?”

Me:  “Uh, well there were two other canisters but they are empty.”

Bomb Squad:  {In stern voice} “You’ll need to go get them, they have to be turned over to the Military Liaison Officer.”

Me:  “I’ll be right back”. [Runs upstairs, grabs empty canisters, and hands them to Officer.]

Bomb Squad:  “Is there anything else here like this.”

Me:  “I certainly hope not.”

I must compliment the Dayton Police Department on their professional response, but I really hope that this is the last time I have to make this type of call.

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