We got rid of a lot of stuff before we called you…

One thing I hear over and over again that just makes me cringe is “We got rid of a lot of stuff before we called you.”  NEVER DO THIS.  You would be amazed at the amount of money items you consider junk will sell for at an estate sale.  Old phone books, half full bottles of cleaning supplies, rusty tools, old mixers that haven’t worked in years, bags of fabric pieces, garden hoses that leak, broken pieces of tile – I’ve sold them all. 

Not to mention things that may have been hidden in those boxes that you either threw out or gave to charity.  I have personally found gold jewelry in the bottom of wastebaskets, sterling silver in boxes of old clothes, coins tucked into the toes of shoes, and cash hidden in every place you can think of – taped to the bottoms of drawers, in between towels in a linen closet, hidden in the pages of books, stashed in freezers, etc.  The worst story that I’ve ever heard about hidden cash – which thankfully did not happen to me – was the estate sale where the deceased had boxes of balls of yarn.  This was a family run sale, and they had sold most of the balls of yarn at ten cents each, when on the second day a customer brought back three balls of yarn and said “I don’t think you meant to sell this.”  And inside each ball of yarn was a $100 dollar bill.  Yikes.

Estate sale companies don’t charge to come out and take a look at the house, so please, do yourself a favor and call for a consultation before you get rid of anything.

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About Somerset House Services

Somerset House Services works with Executors, Guardians, Trustee's, POA's, individuals, and family members that need to sell, cleanout, or inventory the contents of a house or storage unit. Our services include Estate Sales, Estate Cleanouts (including 'hoarder' houses), Inventories & Appraisals, and Asset Research Services.
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  1. truefinds says:

    Great advice! Thanks!

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